Successful communication may require skills in language, listening, and presentation. I can instruct you in all three!

English as a Second Language

I’ve got years of ESL teaching under my belt, crafting custom lesson plans for adult learners in group and one-on-one classes. I’ve taught ESL at all levels, including business English for working professionals, and prep courses for a number of proficiency exams: TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, and the Cambridge FCE, CAE, and CPE.

Let’s chat about idioms, tackle phrasal verbs, or just practice casual conversation. I’m also available to consult on teacher training and curriculum design.

As a teaching colleague, Karen was enthusiastic, eager to share lesson ideas, and incredibly organized. I was impressed by her ability to juggle her work as a teacher, curriculum editor, and testing coordinator. —Kaia Laursen, St. Giles College

Cross-Cultural Communication

Even when speaking the same language, two people may come into conflict because they misinterpret each other’s conversation style. What you may believe is professional, another may read as cold and distant. Conversely, being swept into that big hug might feel invasive rather than inclusive.

Talk to me about scheduling a training session for your colleagues or class, giving you the social dexterity to navigate through a minefield of potential misunderstandings.

Improv for Everybody

Improvisation training can do wonders for your communication skills. Want to be a better public speaker? You can! Improve your active listening? Yup! You and your colleagues can also become a more effective team by enhancing your collaboration and problem-solving techniques. Students, young adults, business professionals—everybody—can benefit from a little improv.

I deliver improv workshops designed to fit the size and needs of your group, inviting you to play and take risks in a positive, supportive atmosphere. Beginners are welcome and encouraged!

Check out my site Improv for Everybody to learn more about what a customized improv workshop can do for you.

Terrific event . . . And I learned stuff too! —Vanessa B.

Improv for Gamers

My Improv for Gamers workshops are tailored to players and facilitators of tabletop roleplaying and live-action games. Participants explore the tenets of improv directly relevant to good game-play: listening, storytelling, sharing the spotlight, and embracing complications. I will customize sessions to address the skills and challenges of your gaming group!

In 2018, Evil Hat Productions published my book Improv for Gamers, a collection of gamer-relevant improv exercises to play with your friends at home!

Excellent workshop, highly recommended for GMs and players alike. It changed my approach to gaming. —Michael G.