I started my career teaching English as a Second Language, and earned my MA in Applied Linguistics. I’m fascinated with how people communicate—in writing, speech, and body language—and also how we learn to communicate.

3 Things About Me, Because Numbered Lists Are Fun

  1. I love board games, card games, and roleplaying games. The kids from Stranger Things playing Dungeons & Dragons? That’s me. The few rabid fans of Cones of Dunshire, Ben’s bloated masterpiece in Parks and Rec? Also me.
  2. I have very strong feelings about the Oxford comma, but I will respect and honor your style guide.
  3. Yes, Twelves is really my last name! A long time ago in England, a number of families lived at the well. Repeat that phrase for a few centuries, and now you have Twelves!

You can browse my full resume on LinkedIn.